Mjölnir (Instrumental)

by Médus

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I saw a Storm in a Vision, I channeled that Storm using my Magick-Science; 2 Norse Goddess' came to my Aid (Mother Nurturer and Valkyrie Warrior) and with Loki's Luck, Mjölnir was born. And I Am Worthy of ITS MIGHT for I Am HEAVY METAL φ METAL THΩR!√√


Intro: x4
Thor God of Thunder!
Drop the War Hammer

Plutonium 1:
There is a calm before the storm
Everyone is sitting home
There is a virus among their genome
They think their savior will come
Tutankhamun the Teuton Son
Risen to end the human demons
Evolve or be gone
The Newman has come

Epic 1:
God of Thunder, Bring the War Hammer
Thor smite your enemies with your might

Epic 2:
Evil needs a slave, God who will I save?
From above come and play; Heroes are made
Viking you’ve lost your way, till this day
From the ashes of disaster, here comes a savior
Time for you to remember, your ancestors
Thor God of Thunder, Drop the War Hammer!
Ohhh ahhh ahh ahhh!

(Agghhh, agh.)(Afrhahh)
Arrgghh! To War You Come
To You Scum! Death Shall Come
Arrrggghh! Rahwrrh! Orrh
Vile creature of the Slum
Mongrel Abomination! (Arghh!!!)
(To the home away from home)
(What has come to renew the genome?)

Plutonium 2:
Here comes the Thunder son
War Hammer and the space guns
The clouds at his command, weather at hand oh yeah
Asgardian on the offense, golden defense
Slay the fools, you have the tools
Aryan son of Odin you rule
Angels Guardian come and clap your hands
Come to your aid! When you’re in trouble
Everything we do is radioactive, so come get active!
Argh, Nuclear, War, Hammer

Heavy Duty:
Turn it em to ta-Nana!
Too many do it!
Everybody doing it!
Woo! Yeah!
Nuclear War!

Yeah, Médus, Hot Fire…
Dragon Dagger Music
Dragonzord Power Forever


released June 26, 2020
Producer, Vocals, Lyrics and Idea by Médus

Instrumental, Mixing and Mastering by Daniel Svetlof


all rights reserved



Médus Ottawa, Ontario

🍯Médus of Mars🪐Glorious Purpose🎩MJ13✨Lover of method acting and most things weird🦖Do you believe in Fate? Magick? What Conspiracy itches you?🧙🏼‍♂️

🏰A Real Casanova Kind of Guy🌟


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